Friday, October 2, 2015


Part 1 starting
I loved my unique birthday yesterday on a train across South Africa. I enjoyed it.
I will probably be the only person in our family to enter a country on their birthday.  

I loved it despite that we got on the train and waited and waited and waited and waited.
We waited for 1 hour and finally moved.  But then, from the train we saw springbok and flowers and birds and horses. After 2 days on planes it was nice to spread out. I loved seeing sights.

Part 2 Fun
Games = fun, fun > games
That afternoon we played many rounds of cards; we made friends next door. We played cards with them. They taught us their card games. We showed devices to each other.

Trying new foods is fun we tried pap which is like porridge and beef curry.

Since that is the end of my birthday, the end is the end

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