Friday, October 2, 2015

Spur, Spur, Spur, and more about Spur, and did I mention the train? - Carver

Let's start with the Spur, Spur, Spur, and more about Spur part. I'm sure you wonder, "What could he mean by Spur?" And I see why. Spur is a restaurant in the Victoria Wharf, which is a huge building on the ocean with many stores. But Spur was interesting. We went tonight. We all shared three meals and two shakes. The food was good but it was not special to South Africa . But the experience was interesting. The waitress was clearly amused at us not knowing how to use things like the fingerbowl. And it's a good thing we have the Internet because we didn't know what they were. And there was an area to play in and I made a friend who I didn't get to see ever again but it was fun.

And now about the train. You know what I'm talking about, right? By the way, I planned this with Syarra just so you know. So I'm only covering the second day. And the rest of the day? This post is an express post. It skips that piece of time. The train was fun. We played more cards which we did the first day. (Oops! Not saying anything about the first day.) At the end I was watching the stations I recognized. But not much happened on the train. We saw villages of people living in wood stick and metal houses. That must be a terrible life. Also, that night some thing happened. I am allowed to cover it because it was technically 3:30 in the morning in South African Time (Central African Time(UTC+2)) and therefore the next day. We were all jet lagged and we woke up at 3:30 and talked for an hour before we slept until noon the next day. The metal sun block window things were down. In the morning, we kept going through super dark tunnels with no light and Syarra enjoyed turning off the lights for them. So the train was fun.

There was interesting stuff in the skipped piece of time. (Not saying anything else.)

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