Friday, October 2, 2015

All that has happened in Kenilworth - Carver

I will cover the time my Express Post passed. Just not yet. This is about all that has happened in Kenilworth which I'm sure you guessed from the title. Now about that period of time I skipped. It was when we were checking in to the Park Inn. They loaded the bellman's luggage cart and we had to sit and wait while my parents got tickets and worked things out. They also gave everyone apple juice that looked like wine. The room was interesting. The electricity for our room was turned on by a card that would go in a slot near the door on the inside. Then we took a Park Inn bus to the waterfront where we walked to the Victoria Wharf. In the morning we ate an interesting breakfast (which I do not feel like writing about) and then took a metro rail train from the Cape Town Station. I call it Kaapstad because Google Maps thinks it is that. However, I haven't seen any sign calling it Kaapstad yet. Cape Town Station is where we came in from Shosholoza Meyl, the train across South Africa. We took an early train because I had read that it was usually very late so our train was at 9:32 instead of 10:23 or 10:48 and we had to meet the seller at 11:00 at the house. Like Selection Bias, which you should read before this post, the people only chose to write about the bad times because it was a waste of time to say everything went fine. It was good that we left early because Google Maps was wrong about where our house was. We searched for a long time and finally found it. The house has some issues but we are now in Kenilworth.

That day, we walked to Shoprite and the lines for checkout were huge. We walked to a mall to look at getting an Unlimited Data phone because the house only came with a way to pay to get wifi and not the prepaid wifi it said it would come with. We didn't get it but then we went to a place called Zebro's where we took home braaied chicken. Which is my second favorite kind of meat. Deep fat fried chicken is my favorite. Then the next day (today) we went to Pick&Pay local and got food then went to the Oakhurst Farmstall and the Super Meat Market and then Checkers which was in Kenilworth Square. They are all places to buy food. So, Kenilworth is fun.

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