Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Next up: Namibia, Then comes: Marrakesh, And the next place... - Carver

We have decided!

The next place is Namibia!

These are very short paragraphs!

I'm done with torturing you with short paragraphs. Or am I? Anyway, we have decided! The next place is...Namibia! We will spend two weeks on a self driving safari. We will rent a car in Cape Town and then drive through Namibia on a self driving tour. After a couple weeks of camping in Namibia, we will get a house for a week in Stellenbosch. If you don't know where Stellenbosch is, look it up on Google Maps. If you don't know where Namibia is, do the exact same. One hint: Stellenbosch is near Cape Town. From Stellenbosch we will drive to places including L'Aguilhas (The southernmost point in Africa where the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean actually meet), Cape Point, and other places where a car is needed to get to. Look up where L'Aguilhas is if you don't know. And then we will return the car to the airport and fly out of Cape Town.

Our only layover (very surprising): Doha. Why so surprising? Cape Town is a small airport, I would think it would have to go through O. R. Tambo. Where is that? Look it up. Actually, that might be a little unfair. It is the Johannesburg Airport. You still have to look up where the other places are. I'm not trying to explain it in words.

After Cape Town and Namibia is Marrakech. Apparently to get to most cities in Morocco, you must go through Casablanca. There is a train between Marrakech and Casablanca that is only about $12 per person (actually two but one is to leave the airport) The flight has been booked. We have an idea of what houses we want but we haven't booked them yet. We haven't figured much else out for Marrakech.

And after that...we don't know yet.

When we leave for Namibia, I intend to post our current address. I'm not allowed to yet and I think I will be once we have left.

And beware the short paragraphs!

I'm doing it again.

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