Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Capetonian Sights - Carver

I was originally going to call it The Sights but then I thought that I might want that name for sights in Egypt or other places. And then I thought that that one I will probably call Egyptian Sights. And then I thought that I would save The Sights for our last destination. And then I thought that would seem weird. (I think too deeply into certain things) But I'm calling it The Capetonian Sights. Capetonian seems to be what it is called. I'm surprised no one else has written about this yet so what should I start with?

The first day we came, the night at the hotel, we went to the V&A Waterfront to eat dinner at Spur. The Victoria Wharf was a big building with many shops. And then the Waterfront stretched farther along the coast.

Once settled, we went to the Cape Town Science Center (Not actually in the centre (speaking as the people here do (it seems somewhat weird to say that, actually)) and then went to a Chinese place.

The next sight we saw was Muizenberg, a town built on the slopes of Table Mountain and famous for its coast on False Bay. We swam at the beach there.

Later we went to Table Mountain. We took the cable car up the mountain and walked a two hour walk to Maclear's Beacon, the highest point. We tried to figure out where places were like Hout Bay and Kenilworth and Cape Town which was quite easy to find with its clump of buildings.

The next time, we planned to do museums but instead did Greenmarket Square where we ate a fruit bowl. It was the fruit I wanted with ice cream on top in an edible bowl. And I was thinking it would be helping eliminate trash until it came in the edible bowl in a plastic container. But I love fruit. I love ice cream. And the bowl was good. After Greenmarket Square we did the Company's Garden which is a garden that goes on for a couple of blocks. So we didn't do museums.

Then we did the tour bus two days later and went to Kirstenbosch, a huge botanical garden with a fun canopy bridge. We did a tour at Kirstenbosch. The tour bus was okay and we ate at the Chapman's Peak Hotel, a restaurant in Hout Bay, famed for having the best calamari. We even had to cross a river to get there (maybe in a different post) and it was good. The calamari was not the best but good. But the prawns! I got calamari and prawns. The prawns had their exoskeletons, legs, and even heads still on. It was interesting to rip them apart.

Two days later we did the Two Oceans Aquarium and the Waterfront again. We ate at Spur again and I had calamari both times. This time I realized the calamari wasn't that great. Two days later the girls went to a Girl Scout event. Then, two days later is today.

Yesterday, we went to Muizenberg again and had fun. And today, I won't bother with it as it has already been covered.


  1. It sounds like you are having a chance to compare different cooks's seafood cuisine. Are you surrounded by tourists or locals at these eateries? Would you suggest others visit the places you visited?

  2. Most places we have been with locals. At the Chapman's Peak Hotel, there were few people because it was a weekday but I would guess the other people were tourists. We have been trying to avoid touristy places and go to the local restaurants. I would certainly suggest the Chapman's Peak Hotel. It was an amazing experience ripping the prawns apart. It seems it is generally more work to eat prawn here but most places aren't to the extent of this.