Tuesday, October 27, 2015

South African Friends - Carver

One of our goals was to meet people and learn the culture of the places we were going. And we are doing well at that. One day, in the Maynardville Park, the first day we went, we played and met some people who invited us to tea. And it was fun. They are the ones who invited us to the braai. That is covered in A Great Day with a Great Braai. Then, the girls went to a Girl Guides Event (What they call Girl Scouts) where they met a teacher who said we could come to her school. It was very fun. Unfortunately, simply writing the events of the day would bore you to death. Text is a dull means of communication. But it was funny when someone was tied to a big wooden xylophone. I'm sorry if I kept you in suspense but eventually a video might be uploaded in a later post. Absolutely no promises, however. I met some friends. And now, I am out of things relating to this post.

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