Thursday, October 15, 2015

Tips for travel - Carver

This is mainly for people who are reading our blog and planning to go on a trip similar to ours. We read a lot of blogs to plan our trip. But anyone can read it and understand it. And even make use of it.

Tip one (The main one): If you're counting on wifi, don't get an over-budget house and expect that because it says it has internet it does. We found our house on Airbnb and it said it had internet. We got here and found out that what wifi included meant was apparently a cultural difference. So don't assume that even though it's an American website you get the house on, wifi may not mean the same.

Tip two (I have no good commentary for this tip): Don't trust Google Maps to get you from a train station to your house. We tried from the Kenilworth station and it was wrong about where our house was.

Tip three (The one anyone can make use of): If you can book tickets online, do so. We booked tickets for the cable car to the top of Table Mountain and saw the line (or queue is what it is called here) to buy tickets and it was enormous.

Tip four (The last one): If you don't enjoy spicy foods, don't get grilled calamari. Everyone else disagreed but I thought it was spicy. Spicy enough to make my mouth burn for ten minutes and yet no one else thought it was spicy. How is that possible?

We will learn from these tips and they are not just for giving suggestions. They tell a small piece of our story. I'm very sorry if I kept you waiting to learn more about our trip to Table Mountain but this post just isn't the right post to go into those details.

P.S. (Probably very long but still pay attention) One more thing: In Getting to Africa, my mom said that she has to give up her computer for homeschool because we only have seven devices, I wish to express my indignance. First, only one of those is mine. I only have one iPad where she has an iPad, a phone, and a computer. Second, there are only two computers and I have made the decision that some pieces of my homeschool, I will only do on a computer because it is much more annoying on my iPad. And one thing I will only do on her computer because at the start I thought there might be presentations I needed to make and so having it all on one computer would not cause the problem of the file isn't on the other one. I based that decision on an online course I took last school year that I needed to make many things. But that was when I still had my own computer. I haven't seen that yet in my current one but it might come. (Maybe a little bit off topic)

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