Sunday, October 25, 2015

Cultural Differances-Syarra

My title is cultural differences because we have experienced that, now to the point.

I have found that South Africa is very different

  1. Trains: we would never do it, though they do at rush hour. For two hours, the gates are down over the road and only pedestrians and trains can cross.
  2. Locks, gates, and more: we have four locks on our door. At our apartment building there is a gate with electric wires for security like is at every house here, some even make little sparking noises throughout the streets.
  3. Grocery stores were affected by apartheid which is a time where there was law that whites are better than blacks, so either the shoppers are white or black.
  4. Food: who knew McDonald's delivers food just like pizza shops?
  5. Clothes: nobody's just in casual clothes. They wear nice dresses and skirts. They dress up, and not just for special occasions. So we kind of stand out with our t shirts and shorts on, though I have one skirt that I wear a lot and that makes me not stand out as much.
  6. Internet: we expected internet would be the same as at home where we pay each month and have unlimited internet. Here it is how much data do you want to buy per month and of course we didn't know, so we have to figure that out and we are now. So internet is a work in progress that we are handling.
  7. Tables: we have 3 tables, 1 is our dining room table, which is really a coffee table, but it is so low that if your plate is on the table, you are on the floor. 2 are small tables and a desk that we use to put computers on and to put random stuff on. The desk is in my room.

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