Monday, September 28, 2015

This Messed up, Crazed, Nutty, Day at Heathrow - Carver

We've spent the day at Heathrow Airport. It has been a messed up, crazed, nutty day but that doesn't mean it has been bad. First problem: We had trouble at security because we didn't have return tickets for South Africa and we spent extra long there because of it. We did not have to get them though. Next crazed thing: The airport is huge and confusing! The last nutty thing: We still don't know what terminal we go to. But though it has been messed up and nutty and crazed, today has been a fun day. So many different people come through Heathrow.

And the flight to get here was wonderful, well, in the morning it was, at night it was somewhat bad. During landing which was very slow and gradual, I took pictures of the colored sections of farm on the ground from high. The flight left out of O'hare in the evening and dinner was late which meant the lights turning off was late and my sleep was late then in the night I woke up and didn't get back to sleep. But it has been fun. Soon we will be on the flight to Johannesburg and then traveling across South Africa. The train will be very fun. I want to use this and now may or may not be the right moment but anyway, TIUU!

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