Sunday, September 27, 2015

TIUU - Erich


I realize that no one yet knows what that means. But I am working on my own textspeak, like LOL for laugh out loud, OMG for oh my god, and PDTKBSGAPIVC for put down that knife before someone gets a pierced inferior vena cava.

TIUU = Tomorrow is upon us

That's right. I am about to go to bed. And when I do, I will sleep. And as I sleep, tomorrow will come. And tomorrow is the day that we embark on our journey. Tomorrow I leave the USA for I don't know how long. Tomorrow I leave cell service that I understand, electrical outlets that match the plugs on my devices, grocery stores that I can count on to stock peanut butter, and the last remnants of the life I have always lived.

I know there will be at some point in this journey missed flights (maybe even tomorrow) and lost items and tears and fears. And I know that there will be amazing moments of connection, learning, and friendship. I know I will come back different than when I left. And it will be terrible. And it will be great.

And I'm scared. And eager too, but nervous. Some part of me is desperately shying away from the unknown. Most of the other parts are ready, and they outweigh that desperate part. But I can't help but acknowledge that this is the boundary where I give up what I knew and dive into what I don't know. It's tomorrow.


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