Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Best Pool in Breckenridge Book 1, not to be continued - Carver

As we walked into the room, I smelled the strong smell of chlorine.
As we walked through the lighted hall, I sensed excitement in front.
As we walked down the stairs, I saw it.
I did write this as if it were a book.
Because I decided to, the reason behind many weird things I do. Now back to the story.

We saw it!
It was an indoor pool. It was an outdoor pool. The mystic mist rose off the surface mystifyingly. I walked into the vapor covered pool. The pool was warm, oh so warm.

About the Author
Who cares?

I got tired of writing it like a book so I ended the book.
The pool was kept at about 90 degrees all year.
Now I left some holes about where we were because the setting didn't work well in the book.
We were in Breckenridge! After Aztec, we came to a little town in the mountains and stayed in Beaver Run Lodge for a night. I don't know why we didn't go straight to Golden. It wasn't my choice.
Anyway, the pool was both inside and outside. There was a divider but it was up. Outside were about eight hot tubs up many stairs. The hot tubs burned me but the pool was wonderful.
We went swimming the night we got there and we were alone and the next morning we went swimming again and talked to some people in the pool. But the pool was great!

I wrote this as an assignment to write about something good but I decided to have some fun making fun of books. Why? Because I wanted to!

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