Sunday, September 27, 2015

How I Feel now - Carver

This is based on How I Feel the original. How I Feel wasn't originally my name for the post but when I went to start writing the post there was one called How I Feel - Carver. And I liked the name and used it. Now I'm using it again. But I should now get to the point of the entry.

We fly out today. I don't like flying and I plan to sleep through the two overnight flights. But anyway, the train will be fun. Cape Town will be fun. We will need to work out what we are doing in England because it will not be fun to sit in Heathrow all day. I expect the first few days of Cape Town to be exploring. And a slideshow may appear on the blog of our pictures. We are a couple hours away from lots of change.

How I Feel the original was my first post if you didn't know that.

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