Friday, January 29, 2016

Where Ibn Battuta was born and buried - Carver

We have not yet posted our plans. Currently we are in Fes, having taken a train from Marrakesh. Today we went to Volubilis and Meknes but someone else will write about that.

We arrived yesterday night and we will stay through tomorrow and then the next morning, we will leave for Tangier. I am excited about Tangier because in my Big History class that I took last year, I had to research Ibn Battuta and he was born in Tangier. Apparently, he was also buried in Tangier. He was an explorer.

And they are supposed to have good seafood. Tangier is at one of the sides of the Straits of Gibraltar. I want to try calamari or shrimp from the Mediterranean and from the Atlantic and see if they taste different.

Then we take a ferry to Spain. We arrive in Algeciras and then take a bus to Seville. We stay in a hotel for a week, then spend a week somewhere, and then end up pet sitting in France.

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