Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Views from the Souks – Erich

My post today is mostly about pictures. Even with photographs, I can't capture or create the souks and the Medina. But I can try to give you an idea of what I mean when I describe various points or objects.

I'll admit, some of these pictures don't elucidate anything so clearly as the oddities of my brain. Or maybe they don't even elucidate that and you will be left wondering why I chose to take a picture of this image. And often the answer is merely that it entertained me at the time.

So this is a visual chronicle of just some of the sights I saw today in the Medina in Marrakech.

The end of the line for this alley

The start of the line for this alley

Inside looking out
The Medina is already filled with pretty narrow streets. But off of these streets are even narrower alleys. You might be able to walk two abreast, but not much more. And many of them end in a dead end of buildings and doors.

The caged birds do in fact sing
That's a lot of birds in one cage. I saw this outside a shop in one of the souks (the outdoor open air markets.) I didn't actually go in to find out what kind of store it was. Maybe a parakeet shop.

Every once in awhile, one of these carts pulled by a donkey passes as you weave your way through the crowded streets. You are already dodging motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrians. But the donkeys add a certain atmosphere. I happened to see one “parked” if that's the correct term and got this picture.

Domed stadium?
I suspect that the glass dome I see there is the top of a mosque. The reason I think this is that antenna like structure with the globes of various sizes sticking up. I have seen those on most mosques. But I could be entirely incorrect about that surmise.

Details around a door
This doorway is definitely to a mosque. But notice all the detail in carving. The buildings here are never plain, never dull. And the mosques usually have lots of beautiful work.

Speaking of beautiful work, the Medina not only houses the wares of various skilled artisans, but the workshops of many as well. Here I saw a woodworker's shop, sans the woodworker. (Nice use of my French there, right?)

Don't tell Mary
If you want your meat fresh, you can find it here or at many other similar shops in the Medina. Here we have lamb. There are also shops that sell poultry (not the same shops, mind you.) But the poultry shops have it even fresher. The chickens are still alive. (You hear the occasional crowing of the roosters as you pass through the souks.) And they will kill it for you when you pick which one you want. Then they have a machine that plucks it.

Makes it easier to get your proper number of servings, doesn't it?
If I'm showing you how to buy meat, I should also point out that this is not a protein only diet. There are plenty of places to buy all kinds of fresh vegetables and fruits. They have good selection, good quality, and good prices. That's all good!

Apparently, sometimes the fruit gets delivered! We were at a small stall in the Medina getting fruit smoothies. They make them right there when you order. But while our Jus de Mange (Mango juice smoothie) was being made, it was apparently banana delivery time! Actually some avocados arrived as well, but I didn't get a picture of those. I was too taken with this huge bunch of bananas.

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