Friday, January 8, 2016

Corn Chips - Carver

In South Africa, we couldn’t find good tortilla chips. There were no unflavored ones, they have barbecue and roasted tomato flavored corn chips. They also always came in small bags. This made me sad because I like corn chips. It has been a week since South Africa. The reason the last post was so late is because the numbers wouldn’t paste from my document program to the blog. In this week, we have gotten corn chips at some point. I generally don’t go to the grocery store so I don’t know when we got it. But now we tried them and they are the same! And Morocco is somewhat better. We have Internet though by the time it gets to us in the basement, it isn’t very strong. The room I sleep in is particularly bad at getting a strong signal. And they have corn chips! So I think I like Morocco more than South Africa. However, the people dress far more conservatively. If you see someone wearing shorts, they are a tourist. So when we go out to the Medina, we always wear pants. Fortunately I have the nicest pants ever. They are soft and not rigid like jeans. So they are as good as my least favorite shorts. Pants can never beat shorts unless the shorts are very uncomfortable which I didn’t bring any of those shorts. We haven’t found a replacement for the shorts that got stolen but ironically we have found shorts that I actually like and in South Africa, they weren't soft enough. We haven't gotten the shorts yet because they cost a lot. So Morocco is nice.

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