Friday, January 8, 2016

South Africa and Namibia Pop Quiz - Carver

You don't have to read this post if you don't care enough. This is going to go over things we have mentioned about South Africa and Namibia and then the answers. Yes, I decided to have a little bit of fun with the blog.

South Africa

1. My favorite of all questions about South Africa: What are the three capitals?
2. What is the Afrikaans name for Cape Town?
3. What newspaper wrote “A fun house full of demons”?
4. How was the calamari cooked that I considered spicy?
5. What do the South Africans call Jello.
6. Where did the sign say Horatio Nelson might have been?
7. What was the famous restaurant in Hout Bay we ate at called?
8. What color is the cream soda here?
9. What country held all the magic boxes at the Greenmarket Square shut?
10. In the Girl Guides program, what was younger than Guides?
11. Where did we go surfing?
12. What did we say when we cleared a room in Kenilworth?

South African Answers

1. Cape Town, Bloemfontein, and Pretoria
2. Kaapstad
3. Cape Times
4. Grilled
5. Jelly
6. Simon’s Town
7. Chapman’s Peak Hotel
8. Green
9. Kenya
10. Brownies
12. Yop!


1. In my hill climbing song, For the land of the __________. What is in that blank?
2. What was the dormant volcano that we stayed at called?
3. What color were the lemons at the hotel closer to?
4. Where did we camp the first night, still in South Africa?
5. What was the street that went north to the Namibia border?
6. What was the name of our warthog dinner companion?
7. What was the name of the campsite we stayed at in Etosha?
8. In Khorixas, what were the boerewors Syarra ate, made out of?
9. On the road between two cities, we were stopped and asked for passports. What were the two cities?
10. When we were Dune _ Monkeys, what was the name of the dune.
11. What was the canyon near Sossusvlei called?
12. What did we call the D Roads?
13. What was the place with the hot springs called?

Namibian Answers

1. Two legged
2. Brukkaros
3. Green
4. Kamieskroon Hotel and Caravan Park
5. N7
6. Mr. Grumplestein
7. Okakeujo
8. Kudu
9. Swakopmund and Walvis Bay
10. 45
11. Sesriem Canyon
12. Death Roads
13. Ai-Ais

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