Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Chop off the head of whoever carries this vase - Carver

One night we went to a storytelling place. It was in English every Thursday. It was the Cafe Clock. It was fun. First we ate. During dinner we listened to stories but couldn’t hear them well. After dinner, we moved to sit right in front of the storyteller. The first story was in Arabic but the rest were in English. And the one we heard from the front involved a guard being told to chop off the head of whoever carries a certain vase outside. In the end, a greedy person who had tricked the king into telling the guard that, carried the vase outside.

During this, there was someone drawing what she saw. She drew the Arabic storyteller and then the audience. I was in the picture. She showed us everything and Syarra even drew something when the person gave her stuff to draw with. And I am obsessed with decapitation so I thought the one story we could fully hear was very fun.

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