Saturday, January 16, 2016

Poulet Displays of Affection - Carver

For all the non-French speakers reading this, poulet means chicken. I am not learning French but I have had to learn some words. Because when something is talking about chicken, it says …poulet… And it says it in Arabic. Arabic is a much harder language because it doesn’t use the Latin Alphabet. And it is annoying to be the only one not learning French. So when we go to
Germany, I might be happier because I am learning German. If we go to Germany. There is one language I know perfectly well: English.

To the point, at the grocery store they have packages of boneless skinless chicken breast. Or should I say boneless skinless poulet breast? Anyway, that isn't special.

Before we came, we read something about no public displays of affection. They are frowned upon. But there are poulet displays of affection. Above the boneless skinless poulet breast, on the refrigerator that held the poulet, was a picture of a girl hugging a chicken with wheat at her feet. Next to the poulet, was a big standing cardboard carving of a man hugging a chicken. Clearly they were pictures from the same farm.

So we either said it was a poultry display of affection or a poulet display of affection. I don't remember what we first said but I like poulet displays of affection much more.

Yesterday morning, there was a lamb making the lamb noise (I’m not sure if there is an easy way to write it unlike how you could write moo.) and later in the day, it was going insane and why? It was getting killed. Now I never saw the lamb get killed but we saw it's shadow through one of the clouded windows we have. They are purposely hard to see out of. That amazed me.

I want to go to the Medina and get a full chicken. What they do is they kill it and pluck it with a machine for you and then give you the chicken. And you can watch them kill it. But that isn't going to happen because we don't need a full chicken nor is anyone else excited about seeing it get killed. So I'm going to have to watch someone else get a chicken.

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