Wednesday, December 2, 2015

My half-birthday - Carver

I know Syarra started out the trip with a post called My Birthday and another one will be coming soon. Tomorrow, I would assume. So I wanted one and it was in fact, my half birthday. In exactly six months I will turn 12. Anyway, last night we slept in Kamieskroon Hotel and Caravan Park. I write this as we sit and wait at a construction site where only one direction can go at a time. I will publish this in Springbok when we have reception for Internet, I hope. It was fun sleeping on top of the truck. We hoped to get to Springbok yesterday but we left later and took us longer to drive then we expected. So we stopped in Kamieskroon. We got there late and set up the tents by flashlight. In the morning we drank a naartjie squash blend, not realizing squash (a juice) needs to be diluted with water. We are moving again, driving down the one lane road. After drinking the squash and eating Good Morning breakfast biscuits, we drove away. We packed up the tents before eating. We turned on to N7 North and immediately hit the construction.

I must post this in Windhoek, Namibia. There was no reception in the area where the highway was close to Springbok. I write this as we drive down a road in desolate Namibia. So I know more to post about.

We soon arrived in the border post. It was hot and annoying but we got through. I saw the Orange River which the sign showed water and said Oranje. We stayed at a dormant volcano. It was an old abandoned community campsite. We climbed up a great hill. And when we were all at the top, I sang a great song about it.

Oh say does that hill climbing prowess yet climb,
For the land of the two-legged,
And the home of the mountain dwellers.

Now driving, we saw an ostrich run, a shepherd herding sheep, and a dick-dick (a tiny antelope).

When I post this it will only be a couple hours after my half-birthday. I was born in Edison, New
Jersey so my half-birthday ends at midnight, eastern time.

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