Monday, December 21, 2015

Long list and Surprise Post - Carver

So I am first going to list where we have stayed, a couple notes about them and whether or not I think anyone will write a blog post about it. I write this at Ai-Ais (/Ai-/Ais) and I have no idea when I will post this. Then I will pick one to write more about. List starts at Etosha but you have already heard about it so next:
Abu-Huab Campsite, at Twyfelfontein, millions of mosquitos, woke up to no water, no post.
Mile 72 campsite, on the Skeleton Coast, the water had to be manually filled into a tank and slow to get to our campsite, no post.
Footprints, in Swakopmund, a hotel, maybe there will be a post. 2 nights
Tsauchab River Camp, private campsite, very nice, maybe a post.
Sesriem, near Sossusvlei, Yes to a post.
Duwisib Guest Farm and Camping, at the Duwisib Castle, we never did the castle, very nice, no post.
CaƱon Roadhouse, interesting dinner, yes to a post.
Then to Ai-Ais, yes to a post, I’m not spoiling any details for here.

Can you guess where the post will be about?

This is where: Sesriem.

I might not finish the post now but I have lots of time before Internet comes so I will tell when I start again.

Starting again in our house in Mowbray. Read another post for more details.

The Sesriem campsite was nice but the dunes were better. Not too far from Sesriem is Sossusvlei, a pan. And near Sossusvlei is Dead Vlei and Hidden Vlei. All three were a walk from the parking area. The first day, we decided on going to Hidden Vlei which was behind sand dunes. The area has many sand dunes. We didn't go to the actual pan because the dunes were so fun to climb and run down.

The next morning we went to Dune 45 incredibly early. We woke up at 4:30 and I don't think seeing the dune at sunrise was worth it. However, we saw Alpha Centauri which was amazing.

Starting again the next day.

After climbing Dune 45 and being a Dune 45 Monkey, we went to the dunes of Hidden Vlei again to play on the dunes more.

What is a Dune 45 Monkey, you ask? On the way down, I kept running past everyone and then jumping on the shady side of the dune. Once they passed, I did it again. And soon Syarra joined in. Unfortunately, we got to the bottom and wanted to take a picture of where we had jumped, however though we could see the marks, the camera could not because we had jumped on the shady side. This sounds not nearly so fun as you think. You just would have needed to see it to understand.

This time at Hidden Vlei, the sand was not blowing across the face of the dunes. You would think that sand blowing across the dunes would be awesome and it looked cool but it blows in your face. We put our feet on each side of a dune and had a cold foot and a warm foot. And we rolled, ran, and skated down the dunes.

How do you skate down, you ask? Syarra invented it and that is jumping and putting one foot out and sliding until you stop and doing it over and over, and eventually, you get to the bottom.

When I talked about the warm foot and the cold foot it made me think of L’ Aguilhas where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet. Continuing the list.
Rondeberg Resort, the place for boaters and fishermen to camp because it is on a dam, no post.
L’ Aguilhas, writing about this now
Mountain Breeze, nice campsite in Stellenbosch Area, no post
House I am in currently

The campsite at L’ Aguilhas was called the Cape Aguilhas Caravan Park.

Starting the next day

The campsite was fine but the next morning, we put our feet in the Indian and Atlantic Oceans at the same time! Wow! And a new tradition, anywhere important my Dad and I will ooh aah. It started in the Fish River Canyon at Ai-Ais but we couldn’t record it. Here is a picture and the video. And as I put up pictures and videos, I have another that has nothing to do with Cape Aguilhas. It was us driving through Namibia and we saw 2 impala fighting. It was on my iPad so it was convenient to put up here.

Blogger is weird about videos so you need a computer and then you might need to click on where the video should be for it to show it.

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