Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Little Additions to Other Posts - Carver

Syarra named her shoes Indian and Atlantic after it. - Little Things Amuse Me
My picture of Bumbart from Organ Pipes - From the San to Skulls

I think Caravan Parks are where you can park and have bathrooms and other things but that don’t have pitches for tents and wouldn't be great to sleep in a normal tent. - Namibia 2
She is exaggerating when she says the wind could push us down. - Namibia 3

Now this is not very much for the post so I will give you a little more information about the house I am in now. This house is in Mowbray. Mowbray is in the Southern Suburbs and north of Kenilworth but not very far away. About a 10 minute drive. And it is free. A great way to keep our costs down! But the catch? Well, not a catch exactly. But we have 3 dogs and a cat to watch. The dogs are interesting. We take them to the Durban Road Park across the street usually 3 or 4 times a day. We only have to twice but it is fun. The house is on an empty road. I’ll post the address in Morocco, I would assume. Maybe before then. The dogs are Kiki, Phoebe, and Billy and the cat is Meeuki. Meeuki doesn't do much. She hides the whole time. When we take the dogs for a walk, Billy gets one of the two balls and never gives it up. Kiki will play Catch forever and gives it back quickly. And Pheobe sometimes gives it back. But you can take it from Pheobe. I've tried to take it from Billy but I can't.


  1. I may have missed it as I have been traveling myself but not so adventuresome, how did you find the housesitting situation?

  2. The dogs were fun though they could get hard to deal with and I was sad to leave them. I thought of Meeuki as something you have to feed and clean its litter box and you can go see if it's out when you want to. But I never got to know Meeuki very well.