Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Pets - Syarra

We are house sitting which means that, for free, we are staying at someone's house, but we have to watch the house. Currently, we are also watching pets: three dogs and a cat. The dogs are named Billy, who is the biggest, Phoebe, who is the next biggest, and Kiki, the little one. They are all fun dogs, but the really fun part is learning their differences.

One difference is that they are very different in the game of catch. Billy has fun once and only once. So when he gets that ball, it is his. Good thing we have two balls. Phoebe will want it thrown every once in a while. Kiki wants it thrown time and time again.

Difference number two: Attention. Let's mix it up. Kiki likes to get her tummy rubbed. Phoebe likes the general attention. And Billy likes it, but does not show it.

I like to see the differences between the dogs.

And the cat mostly hides.

I enjoy house sitting.

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