Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Namibia 2 and 3 - Syarra

                     Namibia 2
The first day in camp we drove all of seven hours and had lots of stops for construction. We also had to stop closer than expected for the sun went down earlier than we thought it was going to. We tried to find a camp but we had some difficulty. We found one in Kamieskroon (A town) that had camping which here is called caravan parks.
That night we slept on top of our 4x4. Which looks like this.

We have two tents that are for two people each. And they fold up so cool, like boxes on the top they look so small, but then you unfold them and the scene is totally different. I am very glad we got the 4x4 instead of just a car.

I like being able to see the stars so clearly and in Lancaster we never got the chance. Then you wake up and your high off the ground but you see so much. And we were the only one camping so we had a quiet night I enjoyed the night with my family, we had a dinner of salad.

We also have been seeing tons of animals when we are away from civilization and the animals are amazing. We have seen antelope like animals, ostrich, and some birds already. All thought there is lots of animal there are also a lot of trash. I think we should make that more of a concern to save the animals from the trash we put in this world. The world is not just ours. We have to remember we share with the animals and we can't pollute it. 

Namibia 3
The volcano

The volcano is a campsite. Anyway, we left the last campsite and drove another seven hours. Then we got to Brukkaros campsite on Brukkaros volcano. We went up a long winding path up the side of the mountain. On the way we saw a flock of ostrich running away from the road. When we got up to the campsite, the wind was blowing so hard it could knock you down if you weren't careful. That made it very difficult to set up our tents and to make dinner. So, for dinner we ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches while sitting in the car to hide from the wind.
After dinner, we climbed up a hill on one side of the campsite. Here, we watched a brilliant sunset of orange turn into a beautiful peach that was lovely to see from off the side of the hill.
We then went back to our camp and all gathered into one of the tents. We told stories, and at last, the wind began to die off. Then we went to sleep.