Wednesday, December 9, 2015

LARPing - Carver

I decided to save the major details for other people. Syarra and I have been hogging all the action because we have time to sit in the backseat and write a blog post. This isn’t exactly a minor detail, but an idea. Now I am sitting in the backseat and writing a blog post but I will not hog all the action this time. Now this is getting a little redundant but read on, it gets more interesting.

So, that was the skin of the blog post. This is the juicy, meaty, fatty part. Starting out simple, before we get to LARPing, you need some context. LARPing stands for Live Action Role Playing. As a family, we play a role playing game called D&D. You should look that up and maybe even try playing (there are probably D&D groups near you). If you live in Lancaster, the Ephrata Public Library had one and I would assume it is still there. You don’t need to start but if you want to finish reading this, you should look up the idea of a role playing game.

… (Looking up role playing games)

All right, now we can continue. We were talking about this as we drove yesterday, ate dinner yesterday, and breakfast this morning. Keep in mind that I wrote this on December 3rd and I might not post it that day. So today means December 3rd and yesterday means December 2nd. So LARPing would be a role playing game where you are the character. It would most likely be D&D which is the most common role playing game. We were discussing as we left Brukkaros that this would be great land to build a LARPing palace. It was all a goofy idea but I found something more in it. LARPing is small, just groups who get together because it is fun. A LARPing business would be a huge step up from current LARPing. But what if we bought a bunch of land near Brukkaros. It is a sandy soil that is hard to grow in. So the land would be cheap but fine for LARPing. The business would hire the poor locals to put on costumes, act like monsters, swing fake swords, and do what the DM tells them to. The DM might need to be more experienced. The issue is transport. The players would walk to the dungeon where the monsters were from the city as the characters. However getting them to the Brukkaros area will be hard. Will the players care enough to fly to Windhoek and then drive to Brukkaros? Probably not. So there are some issues. And maybe it is just a crazy idea. Maybe LARPing will stay confined to small groups. But maybe the idea will work. And if I can make a profitable LARPing business, I plan on being the DM.

This post had no details that other people will want to write about, I would assume.

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