Monday, November 30, 2015

Yop! - Carver

Our final Yop!

We are soon leaving. And the tradition started when we cleaned and sold our house in Lancaster. We Yop!ed every room when we emptied it. And then the whole house. We will soon go to the airport with Uber, a taxi service to pick up our car. Then we will either go to PicknPay or back home depending on how long it takes. We will meet someone to leave the house at noon. When we return here, we will finish packing, Yop! a couple more rooms, and then Yop! the whole house. And then we drive on to Namibia.

I can now post our address. It is 293 Main Road, Kenilworth, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa. However Google Maps will not find the right place. The maps that come with Apple Devices work.


  1. How long will you be at that address?

  2. We are actually no longer at that address. Carver is only posting addresses after we leave them.