Sunday, November 22, 2015

Petty Crimes on the Sands of the Seas - Carver

Sea=False Bay and by extension the Atlantic (It turns out L’Aguilhas is the Southern tip of Africa and the dividing point.)

Sand=Crushed Quartz (Silicon Dioxide)

Petty Crime=Backpack Theft

My last post was about disappointments. This was a major disappointment. My last post was about minor disappointments so this has nothing to do with that post. Well, maybe a little. I suppose it has everything to do with the last post. It was packed with many minor disappointments.

We were renting surfboards this time at Muizenberg and while we were in the water, someone stole our backpack with our clothes and more important things. In there was a wallet with credit cards and a driver’s license. A cellphone. And my favorite polyester clothing. I find many clothings uncomfortable and so we brought comfortable clothing. My favorite is polyester clothing. We replaced the shirt with a bright orange polyester shirt but we haven’t seen the same polyester shorts I owned. We got a new phone. Telkom gave us a new SIM card with the same amount of data on it because the old one was in the phone. We got many people’s clothing replaced and most of the issues are solved. But a couple remain.

These are minor disappointments. I loved my clothing that got stolen. We are getting new credit cards shipped to us. And the impact could be minimized. But I had a bad attitude about it all because we were all freaked out. I had great expectations for the shorts and shirt that I lost. So, very hard to avoid in this situation.

Remember the t-chart.

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  1. I am sorry this theft happened. Unfortunately someone felt like they needed your backpack and its contents more than you. As difficult as this disappointment in humanity is, remember it's just stuff. Most stuff as you told us can be replaced.