Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Until the End of Paris Exactly! And İstanbul Atatürk Havalimani Airport 2 part - Carver

Part Intro

I have two topics to write about and simply decided that it could all go in one blog post. But think of it as two separate posts.

Part One

I certainly like writing about the day of and night before flights. But it seems to me that that is when you have to be the most flexible.

We were going to an airport hotel to stay the night so we would be close to the airport.

Our Paris Transport Tickets were only for zones 1 through 3 and the airport was in zone 5. But we thought we could get tickets to zone 5 for cheaper in zone 3. So we rode the RER B to Drancy, the third stop of the four on that line in zone 3. But there were two machines to sell tickets and both were broken. So we went to the next stop and the machine there didn't work. So we decided to go to the airport and hope that we could get out.

No. We couldn't get out. The tickets wouldn't work. Somehow the machine knew that we had zone 1-3 tickets. And no one was there. We tried to figure out how to get out and whether or not we would have to go back to Les Halles in the center of Paris when people from the military came through. After we told them, with the help of another group who knew English and French who were leaving the airport, they let us out.

The next day, on the silver line bus between the hotel and the airport, Syarra forgot her pillow pet, a stuffed unicorn that is a pillow and that Syarra loves. So my Dad took the shuttle back to get it. At Check-in, the airport network went down and I think they switched to a backup network. But it slowed everything down. We were at the counter when it happened so, since no one was getting checked in, when it was resolved, security was fast. The plane was 25 minutes late because of the fact that it couldn't leave while people were still getting through the check-in line.

Part Two

There are two airports in İstanbul. One is Atatürk Havalimani and the other is Sabiha Gokçen. Atatürk is bigger and easier to get to. We flew into that one. From there we took the M1, a metro to a station where we got on the tram. The tram is in a road. The road is one lane in each direction. So the trams are like cars. Cars have to follow behind it. And if it stops at a station, the cars have to stop and wait for it. Our station is Çemberlitaş.

Guide to Turkish Letters

Ç makes ch sound.
Ş makes sh sound.
Ü makes oo sound.
Ö makes uh sound.
Ğ seems to be silent.
And there are two i’s. First i(uppercase and then lowercase): I ı. And second i: İ i.

That is why the i in İstanbul looks different.

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