Wednesday, May 4, 2016

London in one page - Syarra

On our first day of London, we stayed home and enjoyed. The people who owned the house were friendly, and fun to be with.

On the second day of London, we went around and explored. We were in Barnet, London, United Kingdom.

On the third day of London, we went and saw the tower, yes, The Tower of London.

It was very interesting, full of detail about the kings that ruled England and built The Tower of London. Also we took a tour led by the Yeomen Warders (which is a guard and tour guide of The Tower of London.)

On the fourth day of London, we relaxed at home.

On the fifth day of London, the weather was so lame, we had to do the same.

On the sixth day of London, we explored London.

On the seventh day of London, we meet friends at the natural history museum.

We saw a section on mammals, human biology, dinosaurs, volcanos and earthquakes. I almost forgot, we went UP into the center of the earth! It was a long escalator right through the center of the earth, that went up.

On the eighth day on London, we went to the Abbey.

Westminster Abbey is where the kings are buried. Also it is where important British people are buried. I saw Isaac Newton's memorial! And we got devices that told us about Westminster Abbey.

We had high tea which was a fun experience full or of mini sandwiches and clotted cream.

Then we went to the British museum and saw the parts of the Parthenon that the British government/citizens took.

On the ninth day of London, we went to the British museum once more and saw the Japan section and more.

We have had a great time in London and as you have seen Carver told you about the rest.

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