Monday, May 16, 2016

The Party of Sad Reminders - Carver

One thing before I say more: In the last post I had a guide to Turkish letters. It is rather misleading. The Ü makes the vowel sound in look. At the butcher, we said Güle Güle, the word(or words I suppose) for goodbye. But we said more of a Goolay Goolay. But he said the oo, like the sound in moon is English not Turkish. And it is the oo in look rather than moon.

Anyway, we were invited to a birthday party two days ago and went yesterday. It was fun. We played games. We had fun. But to me, on the outside it was fun. But it also reminded me of home. Of the birthday parties I had with admittedly fewer friends than here as I generally like smaller parties. But it still reminded me of home.

We played many games. In Crocodile, I didn’t play but once everyone went out in the same round because the mouth got so large, I told everyone that I was certain I could avoid going in its mouth. I ran around the rope. That's a lesson. If you have to get past a crocodile with its mouth open, go around it. Don't try to jump over its mouth.

There was good food though early I found that I liked the potato chips and a cornbread like bread that was very sweet and in a circle like cake(even cut into slices like cake) however the real cake came later. They also served huge leaves of lettuce. Plain lettuce. I like certain lettuces. And I filled up on gargantuan leaves of lettuce that you had to tear apart to eat. I liked this and thought this was interesting. I had never seen this before. I didn't even realize that lettuce leaves were this big. I only eat lettuce in salads or on tacos. But there were other things that I didn't try. Soon though, they brought out meat. It looked like kofta and tasted similar. And then they brought out big red sausages, though they were beef. By now I was full. I went to play volleyball. But soon, they brought chicken wings. And coming back to the table for more of the mixed fruit juice, They put many on my plate. It was good but I was so full. My mistake was in not wanting them to go to waste, I kept eating them and so they figured I was still hungry. Then there were two different cakes. I got one slice of each. At least one of mine went to Syarra who had already had her two. I just left the other one. Who knows where it went? But I was so full. It was good but I had to run from the table or end up being given more food.

As I was sitting on a picnic table, I was noticing a wooden pole that held up a frame for a cover. On it were many flies and occasional ants crawling up and down it. But I don't know what attracted the flies. This I watched for a while, trying to figure it out.

That morning I was looking on Google Maps at Lancaster because I like maps. This was early, before anyone else was awake. I almost always wake up first. I noticed that a frozen yogurt place that we could bike to was Permanently Closed or so Google Maps said. But that made me sad and started the whole missing home thing all day.

So this was fun with a hint of sadness.

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