Saturday, May 7, 2016

Mixed Emotions - Syarra

Every time we leave a place we have feelings for the place we may never see again. But with different places comes different feelings. It’s hard to explain what brings the emotions to the surface. Maybe we have stronger emotions for the places that remind us of home. The calm homes that are close but not in the center of the city are a great location for us. They are the houses, apartments, locations that remind me most of home, where I am comfortable. When you step inside a life unlike any you would expect, you need a reminder of a place you know.

When you stay long term in a house, you look at the place you are buying, but when we stay “long term” it means most likely one month, maybe two. When we do stay “long term” we look at the pictures provided, which is whatever the host decides to show.

Although this might be difficult, we have chosen this life style. So we live with it. And learn so much more.

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