Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Turkish Intermission – Erich

Nobody expects the Turkish Intermission.

What does that mean? Let me explain.

On Thursday, Syarra, Alrica, and I did something we don't do that often on this trip. We went to a movie. Carver was taking his AP Statistics exam and the three of us had a few hours to kill. So we went to a movie here in Turkey.

We haven't done this much. We did see one movie in the theater in South Africa (where they speak English) and we saw one move in the theater in England (where obviously they speak English since it is named for England.) This is our first movie in a non-English speaking nation.

That being said, the movie was still in English. It was a Hollywood movie and it was shown with no audio dubbing. We heard the real soundtrack in English. There were Turkish subtitles on the screen.

Funny thing, at the beginning of the movie there is a character speaking in Russian. So the movie itself already has subtitles in white letters in English. But here we got to see above those subtitles another set of subtitles in yellow letters in Turkish. Double subtitle, pretty strange? No, it gets stranger.

We are about halfway through the movie. A big scene with an action sequence comes to an end. The next scene begins. Three syllables are spoken and then suddenly the movie cuts out. The lights come up in the theater. Huh?

The other people in the theater seen nonplussed. But we're confused. So I go out to ask about this. The man at the concession stand doesn't speak English, so he points me to the man who sells tickets. I go to him and tell him the movie just stopped. He thinks, trying to remember how to say it in English. Then he tells me “Seven minutes. Break.”

There is a break? They have an intermission in the middle of a movie in Turkey? Apparently so. This is why the other people in the theater thought nothing of it. We were the only ones surprised. So I guess it isn't entirely fair to say “No one expects the Turkish Intermission.” I really should say “No one, except for the Turks, expects the Turkish Intermission.”

So we hit the bathroom and return to the theater. And after the break, you know what happens? They show more previews. We see previews for two other movies (one of the previews is in English the other is in Turkish) and then without warning, the movie picks up mid sentence where it had left off.

This was one of those movies where A) There are opening credits, but they come at the end of the movie then B) there is a short scene after those opening credits then C) the end credits roll and finally D) there is an “extra” teaser thing after the end credits.

So our movie ends, we see the opening credits, we see the short scene, the end credits just barely begin to roll and the movie stops. At this point we are the only ones left in the theater (except for the woman with the broom who is just waiting for us to leave so she can clean up.) I guess the Turkish members of the audience left when the opening credits were rolling.

They don't show the credits in Turkey? Or maybe, they don't show the credits when the credits are all going to be in English. I don't know?

So again, we go out and ask, why did the movie stop. This is a movie where there is always something after the credits. The man who speaks English apparently knew there was something after the credits because he says “You want other sketch.” He tells us to go back into the theater. We do.

Then he has somehow set the credits to show us the last twenty seconds of credits and then it shows us the extra scene.

It was one of those experiences that was similar, but just different enough to be different. At the least, it was unexpected.

And that's part of the fun. So I guess I'm cool with not knowing what is about to happen at times.

Even though the locals knew it was coming, I'm happy that at the least, I didn't expect the Turkish Intermission.

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