Monday, May 16, 2016

Nine or Ten - Syarra

Two days ago our host told us that his brother’s daughter was having a birthday party, and that we were invited. I found this weird because we had never met the birthday girl. Also when we asked, “How old is she?” he responded with, “Nine or ten.” Before, we had heard that the Turkish people don’t know there birthday, also that a celebration would be very strange. Though we still decided that a celebration would be held on Carver’s birthday in June.
Our host added that he would pick us up at mid-day, so at noon the following day we sat in his car on the fifty minute drive to his brother’s house. At the time we arrived the birthday girl was with a boy who I would guess was her neighbor. She was shy at first, but soon after, we were throwing balloons in the air as another girl arrived. Then we started filling balloons with water. The balloons got thrown and they popped sending water all over the lawn. As we enjoyed the parents laughed and talked as they watched the spectacular scene. But at some point the supply of balloons were taken away.

Other girls arrived, and they decided to play a game, but they decided in Turkish and they wanted to include Carver and I so they went to the birthday girl’s sister who had taken a class to learn English. She told me that they wanted to play hide and seek. Both of us played, but soon they changed the game to Statue which her sister explained was a game in which there was music, then you dance, and when the music stops you become a statue. Again we played. Our parents wanted to see the black sea and we were informed that that was close but we were also informed that dinner was almost ready so until then I played volleyball even in the absence of a net.

We eat until we could eat nothing. Our plates were filled with beef, chicken, green beans, green peppers, sweet cornbread, and more. At some point we played fireball a game where some people throw the ball and some avoid it.  Then there was two varieties of cake both delicious. The evening was filled with games, including tug of war, crocodile, in which you jump over rope and so much more. In the end we were told that in two weeks there is another birthday so we might be coming back!


  1. How lovely to be included. I am glad kids are the same the world over and it's wonderful they played the old fashioned games like we did when we were kids. I am wondering who had more fun you/the kids? We saw your folks last weekend, were your ears burning?