Friday, March 4, 2016

UCH - Carver

Yes, the title of this post is UCH. But I assure you, it is not a misspelling of the word such or much. It is Ultimate Chicken Handler. Which I am. It started one day when I was bringing our chicken (Boneless, skinless, chicken breast I think. Certainly not a live chicken.) from the guest house to the main house. We generally cook in the main house. And I was carrying chicken bullion. And I do the chickens. So I decided I was the Ultimate Chicken Handler.

But I do the horses and I have a basic map of the place. Can you guess who drew it?

Pencil marks are ropes keeping the horses in. Pen marks are buildings. Two pencil dots are places where ropes can be opened. Two pen dots are doors. Broken line is a rope that get puts up at night and taken down in the morning.

And the chickens are loud and sometimes come outside our door to squawk at us. And this is why they are my favorite animal. Not just on this farm. (Don't get any ideas about whether or not I am loud.)

But anyway, the animals have been covered. The dogs’ other plans include going out in the evening. We let them out because they pee outside. But then one of them, Lincoln, never comes back in. So in the middle of the night, we wake up to Lincoln scratching at our door. Well, only my Dad has so far. As he has to go put them back inside.

Now what I have realized is that I have not yet done a Morocco Pop Quiz. And it should be smaller than the South Africa and Namibia one because we spent less time there. So there will be 7 Marrakech questions, a Fes question, and a Tangier question.


1. What is the other way to spell Marrakech?
2. What was the big grocery store we went to?
3. What part of the suburbs were we in? There are two acceptable answers.
4. What was the part inside the walls called(this is the easiest one)?
5. What was the main square with the orange juice sellers called?
6. What was printed on the train tracks we had to cross over if we walked(actually covered in the 100th blog post)?
7. Where did we fly in to

My one Fes question: What was the place we stayed at called?

My one Tangier question: What was the farther away port called?

Marrakech Answers

1. Marrakesh
2. Carrefour
3. Either Targa or Lala Hiya
4. Medina
5. Jemaa el Fnaa
6. The train company’s name(ONCF)
7. Casablanca

Fes Answer: Riad Mikou

The answer to my Tangier question will come in the next of my blog posts, Spain and Portugal Pop Quiz.

Yes, I am very behind on my pop quizzes.

I wrote this a while ago and never got to finishing the map. So, this is fairly old. I just gave away who made the map.

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