Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Lagonisi and the long wanted Spain and Portugal Pop Quiz - Carver

We are in Lagonisi. I just wanted to say that.

Now, I am sorry for not writing the Spain and Portugal Pop Quiz for so long. Especially because you are waiting for the answer to the Tangier Question of Morocco Pop Quiz. Now this isn't much of a Pop Quiz because you know it was coming. If you want, you can call it the Spain and Portugal Quiz. The answer is Tangier Med. You have probably forgotten about the last one and the Tangier Question. The Tangier Question was, what is the farther port in Tangier.

I avoid the issue of having more than one post I am working on. However, because of this, ones with pictures take forever for me to post because I can easily write posts on my iPad but I can't put pictures up on my iPad. So, this post has been sitting as a draft in Blogger for about a week. I am just adding the pictures now.

But now the rest of this Pop(or not) Quiz.

1. How did we get to the city every day?
2. What is the Spanish name for Seville?
3. What was the big castle with a labyrinth called?
The only question: What was the museum about?
The only question: What city was the festival in?
1. What is the Portuguese name for Lisbon?
2. What statue was on the other side of the river?
3. How did we get to Lisbon?

Seville Answers
1. We took the bus or walked.
2. Sevilla
3. El Alcazar
Burgos Answer: Human Evolution.
Fuseta Answer: Moncarapacho
Lisbon Answers
1. Lisboa
2. Christ the King.
3. We took a car.

Here in Greece, we went to a restaurant and there were pitas. The menu was in Greek but then a waiter came to give us one in English. The translation of pita was pie. We didn't know if that meant we were getting what we thought. But they were what we thought which was pitas.

We have a beach close. And it isn't far to an empty island. It is small and, if I can handle the cold water, I will swim there. Here is a picture of the island from the beach.

They are very concerned about security here. We have to turn on and off a security alarm every time we leave and come back. We don't know why but we do it. It is similar to Cape Town.

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