Thursday, March 3, 2016

Day Away - Syarra

Early one day there had been four people having a discussion. Then the discussion ceased, it had been about where to go, the decision was that we were going to explore the direction that had only briefly been touched. So we got into the hybrid, which is one of the two we were left with, and drove down the terribly small and windy road.

Driving we saw a yard for old bikes.
Sign says: Silence, Hospital for Old Bikes
And a covered horse trough!
There is more than one of these
We saw amazing sights!
This is how they made the roof in medieval times
Soon thereafter I found out we were heading towards a castle. 
It was a castle that had a mini golf course. It had a swimming pool, and inside Josephine Baker had adopted children from around the world, and left them to grow up with servants. Unfortunately the
Château des Milandes was closed for the winter.
Les Milandes had a lot of work done on it

So we followed a loop towards home but stopped at Château de Castelnaud-la-Chapelle this amazing castle was used as a base in the 100 year war, including switching hands between the French and British. I think it was like 6 times! We had soon decided to come a different day so we could have more time to explore the castle. So we headed back and soon we were home.
This is the amazing base that was used so much in the Hundred Years War
That was great exploration!

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  1. The scenery is definitely different kinds of castles than Disneyland. AND all that history!