Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Granadilla is the same as Passion Fruit - Carver

Granadilla is the same as Passion Fruit. There is no doubt about it. They are as similar as Bird Meat and Poultry. This must be distinctly understood or no good can come of this blog post.

I'm sure you know where I got that from. At my grandparents’ house in Texas where they have lots of land, there is a garden. And there I tried passion fruit. It grows out of control and wasn't ripe when I tried it. But I liked it. It was small and green. And I figured that the small green fruit was what passion fruit looks like.

In Windhoek, I ate a granadilla. I ate many. They were big and purple. We were at the Hilton in Windhoek and they had many granadilla halves. And I loved them. I ate so many. And when everyone else was done, they asked if I wanted to stay there and eat more. But I figured I would get them later. So I went. At this time, I didn't know they were the same. They were called different things. And they looked completely different because the ones at the hotel were not unripe. At the store we got two but granadillas are very expensive. And they aren't even as big as an apple. They are probably a small orange in size. So, I was sad that I wouldn't get more granadilllas.

In either Morocco or Portugal, I began to figure it out. We went to a grocery store. And there were passion fruit flavored things. But it showed a picture of a granadilla. So now I am certain that they are the same.

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