Friday, February 12, 2016

The 100th post on this blog - Carver

When I wrote my last post, after I published it, I saw that it was the 98th post. So I asked to have the 100th post reserved for me. The 99th was written and now I am writing the 100th. 100 is only special because we have a base 10 number system. The other title that I would have done if it weren't the 100th would be “All the Wonders of the World for Pedestrians”.

Since starting this trip, we have walked places more frequently. In Cape Town, we didn't have a car so when we needed groceries we walked to the store. When we wanted to get to the central city, we walked to the train station and then walked around Cape Town. In Namibia, we didn't walk much. In Marrakech we walked to bus station and then walked around the Medina. We walked to the grocery store. In Fes and Tangier, we walked everywhere though we never left the Medina. In Fes, cars aren't even allowed in the Medina. In Sevilla (Seville), we took a bus into the city and walked around the city. Here where we have a car, we still walk to many places. But here, when walking, we had to cross train tracks. They have gates on both sides of them so you can't just walk across. Unlike in Marrakech, where if we walked home from the Medina (which we did sometimes), there were train tracks that you just walked across. They even have the train company’s name printed on them!

So when trying to cross the train tracks here, we found an underground thing. We assumed it would just be a boring, empty tunnel. But it was much bigger. It went to many places. And it had pictures. We didn't know what was graffiti. We were pretty sure that the murals of Lisboa (Lisbon) were not graffiti. And we were pretty sure that a picture of weird creatures (whoever drew them was a good artist) was graffiti. We didn't get a picture of that. But we have many other pictures.

But the best thing down there is the stairs.

And these are the wonders that only pedestrians get to behold. There are many more crossings across the train tracks for pedestrians than cars, the Fes Medina is a Wonder of the World for Pedestrians, and the underground passage in Lisboa is too.

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