Monday, February 22, 2016

411 is Everywhere - Syarra

So you might have noticed that in, there is the number 411. And we have reasons for that. The first reason is if you are American you would know that 411 is the phone number for info. Another reason is that had planned at first to enter 4 continents, and 11 countries. (That is probably not happening anymore). Also my parents’ anniversary is on April 11th, so these are some reasons why we chose 411. Now that you know just how important 411 is to us we can continue with the important and fun part of this blog post.

So lets look back in time for a minute!

After a long day of driving the car had arrived, from inside one human walked out. That human saw in front of her a Hilton Garden Inn at which they were to stay. She entered the hotel and very soon was checked in. She went back to the exact car she left from. Then three others joined her, they opened the trunk, and almost immediately, all four were carrying backpacks. Again they entered the same hotel, but now they went straight to the elevator, the 4th floor was pushed and they rose to the floor they had chosen. They walked calmly to the door of the room they stayed for one night. IT WAS 411!

Now back to present time.

I hope the mystery has given entertainment and now you understand!

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