Thursday, February 25, 2016

Life as it is – Syarra

Every morning we perform the routine. Actually it is not that hard. “The hard part was in getting used to it,” I thought earlier.

There are parts that aren't fun, (like stepping in horse waste) and there are parts that are fun, (like walking the horses, or that is usually fun).

Now our routine changes by the day but, currently we get up at 7:00, the chickens are let out of their small artificially heated room, the ponies go out to pasture, the dogs are let out, the cat is fed, and the hay cobs (which is a food that the horses eat) are soaked.

Then an hour (or more) later there is the morning stables, (which maybe should be called morning barn, as it is in the barn not the stables. What do you think?) The tasks we each do depends on where the horses are. That usually is dependent on when we do morning barn, because it depends on if they are hungry or not.

After that is midday meal, where only two horses are fed. And what makes it even easier is that those two horses are either alone or with one other horse.

Currently we have a break in which homeschool and exploration is done. The type of exploration I am talking about includes grocery trips, or activities, like the grotte, that one was not so successful, but we did see a door, a very pretty door and that was the best part of that day.

Nearing 5:00 we feed the two dogs and let them out.

At 5:30 we start evening stables or barn call it what you will, in which 4 horses get fed, so we make their food bowls, feed it to them, close off the ponies because they eat too much, and leave...

An hour later we open the gate to the pasture and put a mask on one of the horses so she does not eat too much, but is able to move around.

As we are coming back we try to collect both of the dogs and we eat dinner and head back to the guest house, soon another long day is done.

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  1. You are experiencing firsthand how much work is involved with farm animals. Especially the fact you can't just leave home for an overnight due to all the chores.