Tuesday, February 9, 2016

How Plans Evolve – Syarra

After some time we decided that we were going into Portugal. But this had been planned a long time ago. Now we knew where. We said that we were going to stay in Lisbon and Porto, but no plans were made of where to stay. Later research was in order and we found that in Porto there was the Hogsmeade bookstore in Harry Potter. There are lots of museums, cathedrals, castles, and more in Lisbon.

So we planned to do four days in Lisbon and three in Porto since it is on the ocean, which is supposed to be beautiful, and it is even better at this time of year. We decided to get a rental car and drive around for a week. But this is because we got selected for a house sit in southern France. The animals we are watching include dogs, chickens, and horses. You all might be asking do you know anything about chickens and horses? The answer is yes for chickens, not really for horses though we have a tiny bit of knowledge from girl scouts, and my mother has some from childhood. Back to the point we are focusing on. Soon we questioned if we wanted to be on the move that much. The decision was made and so we decided to go in to Portugal stay somewhere not to far the first day then go to Lisbon for 4 nights, then if we want another night in Lisbon we can or if we want to go to Porto that is also possible.

Those are our plans so far!

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