Monday, February 1, 2016

Ibn Battuta - Syarra

Today in the old Medina of Tangier, we went on a search for the resting place of Ibn Battuta. You might say, who is this Ibn Battuta you speak of? Here is Ibn Battuta.

This is a mural of Ibn Battuta we saw in Tangier
Ibn Battuta was a traveler from the time of transportation on camel or on foot. The times are unclear but he was born in 1304, and died in 1368.

Timeline of the Life of Ibn Battuta*











Born in Tangier, Morocco.

Left home and went across North Africa.
Arrived in Cairo, Egypt.
Traveled through Syria and Palestine.
Went on a hajj to Medina and Mecca.
Sailed down the coast of East Africa, sailed to the Persia Gulf, and returned across land to Mecca.
Went to Asia Minor (Turkey), traveled through Persia and Iraq, and crossed Central Asia.
Reached Delhi, India, and served as a judge.
Trip to China via Maldive Islands, Ceylon, and Malaysia.
Traveled in China.
Returned home via India and the Middle East.
Went to Granada (Spain) and returned home to Morocco.
Traveled through West Africa.
Returned home to Morocco.
Died in Morocco.
*These are approximations. The exact dates of when he was in certain places are unclear.

This is where we found the tomb of Ibn Battuta

I found this timeline at In some ways we are traveling in that pattern. We went through Africa, now we are getting ready to enter Europe, then through Asia, and into Oceania.
Also I believe you might be wondering, why did you look for a tomb? Well last year Carver was doing a report for a class of his, and this report was on Ibn Battuta. Ever since the report he has been excited about Tangier, in hope to see Ibn Battuta's tomb. Now that we all have seen his tomb we are so much closer to being complete.
This is proof that we have completed one goal, still with lots more to complete

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