Monday, October 24, 2016

The Grocery Store - Syarra

We are in Australia doing a house sit in a city two and a half hours from Melbourne. Yesterday we went to the grocery store. If you read our blog you would know how exciting the grocery store is, if you have not you can read these blog entries:

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There was uterus.

Here the food and the types of food at home are alike and the experience is similar. The people speak English and where I find the most difference in food is in the snacks and spreads. You may have heard of Marmite from the UK and Vegemite from Australia, mixes with yeast extract as well as other things, which in my opinion are not good.

There were many types of tuna in the grocery store: Smoked, in Thai red curry, tomato and onion, seeded mustard, sweet chilli, in spring water and olive oil, mayonnaise and corn, lemon pepper (and of course regular tuna)
Eight weird kinds!

 Also there are good snacks like chips and candy.

Interesting flavors of chips

Totally new

A different Cadbury

Though there are no particularly special things, We got normal things particularly good. The yogurt is local and amazing. We got an apple rhubarb twist and a raspberry coconut twist, it was so good we went back and got toffee honeycomb twist
Yum Yum

The Squash (or as they call it Cordial) is a concentrated liquid so that when it is added with water it produces a drink. Here it is particularly good, we bought raspberry and lemon flavored cordial. When we got home I tried them mixed together and it produced a delicious raspberry lemonade.
The store brand is amazing!

This our experience with the grocery store. And it was made easier by everyone speaking the same language.

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