Thursday, October 27, 2016

My Second Marsupial - Syarra

With the squeaky beach and the wildlife I would call this a successful day!

After a two-hour drive we arrived at Wilsons Promontory (or as they call it here Wilsons Prom). Driving through Wilsons Prom was neat. We were driving by the wildlife walk when we saw emu standing in a pasture eating. So we decided to walk the path and hope to see more wildlife.

Our hope was answered when in the distance we saw kangaroo. After walking on the path, getting lost, looping back, and continuing on the path we arrived at a field. In the distance was a single kangaroo standing like a statue. I don’t think that it had a joey but at that distance we could not tell. Then another, 2, three more arrived. A whole troop of kangaroo ran 150 feet in front of us. Some had joeys some didn’t. With our video camera we zoomed in and got a picture of a joey. The kangaroos were amazing. Hopping with heavy joeys must be hard, wouldn’t you think so? Well I think so.

Anyway then we left so we could continue to squeaky beach. The sand does squeak! It was fun even though the water was too cold to play in. There were big rocks to climb and we enjoyed it. 

On the way out we met with some people going to have fun at the beach. They were very friendly and it was interesting to talk to someone who lives in Melbourne. All in all, today was a good day in which I met my second marsupial!

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