Wednesday, December 21, 2016

One Night (Or Day) in Bangkok - Syarra

You might have heard the song called “One Night in Bangkok” from Chess, well we just had one day leading into the night in Bankok, the capital city of Thailand. We started at 12:00 in the afternoon. Our plan was to go to Wat Triamat, the house of the Golden Buddha. The Golden Buddha is the largest gold Buddha in the world weighing 5.5 tons. We wore pants because it is required to visit a temple. And took a bus that stopped at the temple. Well we thought it did at least. It did not.

There we were at Siam Square, a forty minute walk from the temple so walked around. We were deciding if it were worth the effort to go that day, or if we should try again later. We agreed in the end that we should but that we were in no hurry. So we ate. After enjoying a lunch of delicious milk pork sticks we explored and did some shopping we needed to do. And then used public transportation to go to the temple. It was four when we got there. We walked up lots of stairs to reach our final destination, the Golden Buddha.

Spire on the stairs

Entrance to the temple.
The Golden Buddha
With the Golden Buddha!

The Golden Buddha has a long history of which I will tell now. The Golden Buddha dates back to the 13th to 14th century in the Sukothai dynasty. It can separate into seven parts. The parts of the statue are said to be built in India. During a war, the temple it was housed in decided that it should be protected. They plastered it and added color glass, so it would look pretty, but it would look worthless. It was moved when hundreds of years later the Thai king brought statues to the new Thai capital, Bangkok. One hundred years later it was dropped. Some plaster broke off and it was discovered to be gold. The plaster was removed and it has since been displayed at Wat Triamat.

After we finished enjoying the sight we took the trains back home. We eat at a food court on our way. Then we ended the eventful and amazing day.


  1. Syarra, It sounds like it was worth the effort to see the Golden Buddha! I always love your insights into your daily experiences. Keep them coming. You'll enjoy rereading them when you are back on U.S. soil.

  2. Wow, that is so cool! Thank you so much for the Golden Buddha history.

    It's interesting that you had to wear pants; I remember visiting churches in Europe many years ago and I had to bring a skirt to put in over my shorts because pants weren't allowed.