Saturday, December 17, 2016

Getting Testy – Erich

You would think one of the big reliefs of being overseas, when it comes to education, is that you are not subject to any standardized tests. Yes, that's true. And it is great!

Except, when you need such a test, it is a huge pain. Carver is applying for some programs that will begin in Fall 2017. And some of these require the SAT and others require the ACT.

Both the SAT and ACT require students to get an online account and register for the tests through this. You also get your score results through the online system. Sounds great, right? Well no. Because if you are under 13 (which Carver is) you are not allowed to have said online account due to U.S. educational privacy laws. So now you can't register for the tests online. You can't get your scores online. You can't do anything online.

To take the SAT, my parents ended up having to register Carver over the phone, paying an extra "registering over the phone" fee. But big thanks to them for doing it.

After he had taken it, we needed his scores for an application. But we couldn't get them. Our friend Kirsten called the College Board for us and ordered scores to be sent by express mail so that we could have them in time. Thank you Kirsten! (I owe you, monetarily and doing favorily.)

The College Board also runs the AP exams. So the inability to get an account made it harder for us in that instance as well. However, we got lucky. We were able to find the Hisar School in the Gokturk region of Istanbul that was offering the tests Carver was taking. And we were able to register for him to take them there. The international coordinator/AP coordinator for the school was very helpful.

For the ACT it's even crazier.

ACT rule 1: If you are under 13, you must register by mail because you cannot have an online account.

ACT rule 2: If you are taking the test internationally, you must register online, you cannot register by mail.

ACT international testing: Some test dates don't include international testing. Of those that do, most of these only include Canada as an additional nation. Basically to take it in any other country, you have to wait until June.

The end result, Carver is just not going to be able to take the ACT. At least not this year.

I doubt he is going to cry about not having to take a test.

Well, no more than Alrica and I cry trying to get him registered for them.

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  1. We had a similar issue with the SAT. It reminded me why we homeschool and I don't deal with these tests all the time. :::eye roll::: So glad it worked out! :)