Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Egg Plop and Bus Chases - Carver

Yesterday, we went to George Town. Penang is an island and George Town is the big city in Penang. We took bus 101 to Chinatown. There we wandered around and ate lunch. I tried something new! It turned out to be hideous-ish.

I very much dislike under-cooked egg

The honey in the wine glass is a fake end of a spoon. Too bad!
As you can see in the picture there, the bottom was slimy. It was like egg-drop soup. But not the same so I called it egg-plop soup. Because when you drop eggs it would make a plop and I thought the name should be similar to drop but not the same and my line of thought in that instance was very confusing. But I ate the crispy noodles and the crispy pork. My drink was honey lemon, something I discovered in KL and really enjoy. And I'll show you what everyone else ate.
Braised Pork Belly

Scallop Minced Meat

Steamed Chicken Chinese Sausage

Butterfly Pea Flower Barley Juice

Nutmeg Juice

Iced Milo (Syarra and I tried this in KL and liked it)

Next, we walked around, got our visa approval letters for Vietnam printed, ate ice cream bars, and saw street art. We also saw many things about the heritage of George Town. I'll show you one but with the sun’s angle, you can't read what it says. I thought it was hard to read when I was standing right next to it! Here are some things we saw.

After that, we saw Chew Jetty, a place where a certain Chinese clan lives. There are many jetties with different clans living on each one. The houses are on stilts in the water. But now the jetty is a tourist attraction. Do the people living there like that? Many make money off of the tourists but we walked down an area without tourists and I wonder if the people there like it. They had visiting hours from 9-9 so tourists couldn't come at night.
Then we got a free bus that goes around the center of town and rode almost the whole loop just to see stuff. Then we got back on the 101 and went home. But getting on the 101 was hard. We saw a 101 coming but then a big truck blocked out view of it and then we saw it had passed. So we chased it. It got stuck in traffic. We found the next stop. The traffic was so bad that we had time to get there. A bus (it might not have been the same) came. He told us to go to a big bus station. That was odd but we did. Except, we stopped to go grocery shopping. We got to the station and a bus came. But it was packed full of people and many people were waiting for it including a wheelchair. So we didn't want to get on such a packed bus. We waited for the next one. And on the next one, we passed the packed full bus. The full bus passed us. We got very close but never made it past. But it was a bus chase. And I said I would cry if we didn't beat the bus. But it would be a big cry if we took longer than 5 minutes after it passed the stop we got off at. I wanted to know if we spent longer on the bus because we didn't wait. The 101 bus was supposed to come every 5 minutes. As it turns out, we probably arrived half a minute later than the other bus.

And here are some additional pictures that are funny.
This was next to the heritage panel about Nasi Kandar

Where did this come from?

Apparently, to some people, you do look like a rubbish bin

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