Thursday, June 30, 2016

Which Normal is Yours? – Erich

I love seeing the differences in places. As you may know from reading past blogs, I enjoy taking pictures of things that strike me as cool, elegant, or just unfamiliar from my point of view. But of course, a Thai citizen visiting the United States would think my normal was odd. It's all a matter of perspective.

As an example, I enjoy seeing fire hydrants in various nations. Here you can see a Thai design which is very different that we have seen before. It is sort of like the Princess Leia hairdo design of hydrants.
The Inspiration of the Star Wars stylist
Other great things seen in the street include this alley. It's not so much odd, I just liked the design of it, with the narrow street, the tall buildings, the graceful curve, and the multitude of balconies.
There is an arc to this that I admire
Of course one had to supply power to people crowded into a city. Check out this tangle of wires. And to be honest, I saw many poles with even more wires on them.
Now that's wired
It is very hot in Thailand, pretty much all year long, but certainly in June. And so, one must be sure to be drinking lots of water. Our hotel in Bangkok didn't want us to forget this important lesson. Though perhaps rather than water, they have another method of keeping us healthy.
It's the power of positivity
Yes, I had fun with this. You don't know how many times I told Alrica, “Wow, you look so undesiccated!” or “You are undoubtedly juicy today.”

We visited a grocery store in Chiang Mai. It was surprisingly western in so many ways. But I did notice that their attempt to be like the West sometimes confuses a few things.
Maybe it is a taste of the former Papal States
When did Italia become a state?

We also saw a McDonalds at the airport in Bangkok. And it had its differences as well. Carver noticed that their Trademark symbol is below the line rather than above the line.
Don't steal that name!
You know how we can get apple pies? And sometimes pumpkin pies? Well, here your choices are pineapple pies and corn pies.
Easy as...
And finally, when you put this guy out front, does that really drum up business or scare people away?
Maybe in addition to pineapple pies and corn pies, he is thinking of add "meat pies"
There is something about the look on his face. Carver says he is thinking, “Oh, yes, you'll make a lovely human McNugget.”

I'm sure to the Thai, this is a welcoming pose, and the Ronald McDonalds back home probably creep them out.

It's just a matter of which normal is your normal.

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