Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Mountain - Syarra

Today was Wednesday, the 8th, after arriving in Bistritsa, (Which is a suburb of Sofia, Bulgaria) two days ago we decided to take a hike. If you have just dashed to google maps to see where Bistritsa is, you might know that there are mountains on three sides. We climbed one, following a gravel path we hit an intersection, we turned right. Soon we saw another, we went straight, on the third one we turned left. 

At a fourth intersection we moved forward up a hill. As we did, the nice gravel roads turned grassy, flowers stuck up in every direction, plants surrounded the infrequently used path. As we continued, there were grasshoppers, spiders, butterflies, and snails, all fascinating. It rains snails here!

Soon enough we pulled out the phone, which had the map, and saw that we were off the trail but when we found the trail it was full of weeds and the former trail could not be seen. Walking back through thorny plants was unpleasant, but we were capable of making it back. Then we walked on a different trail. The breeze was blowing calmly and there were flowers on the trail when we stopped for a previously made lunch at a picnic table. 

Then we headed home from this enjoyable hike.


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  1. Sometimes the paths we make ourselves are the best ones.