Tuesday, May 19, 2015

In the Beginning - Syarra

I feel like every weekend we put in an hour or more together to get the house ready to sell. When we go, only a few small things stay. On Sundays, we fill the trash can as high as we can. We try to sell the big stuff, or we give it away/donate. When we go, our plan is to go around the U.S. to see family and then go around the world.
Although I can't wait, it's hard to go away from many friends that I have made. I will Skype for contact, but it is not the same as seeing them. Ever since I found out about the idea, I've been really excited, even though it's hard to leave stuff behind. It's a great idea, and I can't wait because we are going to go in about two months to take the trip around the U.S. 

                                            we can't wait


  1. I'm really excited to get to read your posts, Syarra! What a great adventure this is! Thank you so much for sharing it with us all this way.

  2. Syarra the unknown is always a bit scary but you will make many new experiences and friends along the way. When I was ten my family went to live in Germany and we travelled through 20 + countries. Those memories from 50 years ago are still with me and I even correspond with one of my German friends from then. I can't wait to hear more from you about your travels.