Thursday, May 21, 2015

How I Feel - Carver

Welcome to our Extravelganza 411 Blog. The first important thing (at least in my opinion) is why that is our name. We thought of many names but we never agreed on a perfect one. After weeks of thinking, we came up with one. We all love it and you can probably guess what the name was. With a name, we could start writing. Anyway, the second important task is what I am excited about. It will certainly be fun and more relaxed. There will not be times when we have to hurry around to different activities. But in all happy things, there is sad. I will leave things I know and like (and some things I don't like) and have adventures that might not be happy. Over all, I am excited. I will learn so much. If you wanted to know why we liked this name, Extravelganza is exciting and we will visit 11 places on 4 continents.

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